The Coven

The Coven was established by the templars of the Church of Arissa following numerous instances involving corrupt mages. It was seen as a way to control and police the mages which were born following the opening of The Veil. It was deemed the parents responsibility to entrust their children to The Coven and any who did not obey were severely punished and their children often killed.

Once a mage joins the Coven they are raised and formally trained in the ways of magic. Over the years spell books have been produced to facilitate this training and strict rules have been placed on certain spells and activities. For instance, summoning magic is banned and death magic is severely restricted due to the corruption it bestows on the mage. However this does not stop some people learning the dark arts and in fact many have openly challenged the ban, saying that if a mage can learn these forbidden spells from a young age they can learn to control them. The debate continues.

The Coven was founded by Templar Heston Garrick following the birth of his daughter who began to show signs of being awakened (a mage). Henrietta Garrik went on the join the Council of the Seven who govern the Coven. The Council consists of 4 mages and 5 Templars with a Templar always in charge. By outnumbering the mages, the templars can maintain control of The Coven.

The current council are:

The Coven

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