The Church of Arissa

The Church of Arissa was founded by High Priest Thalamar Riordan. He was one of the disciples of Arissa and lived with her in her retreat of Thaldur, now the home of the Elves. He along with many other disciples followed Arissa around Erius, learning from her wisdom and recording her travels. When Arissa fell, Thalamar decided to formalise her teachings by founding the Church and he entrusted many other servants of Arissa to build temples across Erius and spread her teachings. During this time, the temples erected to Ilien were torn down and the ground on which they stood was salted so that the people could be reminded of his terror.

Before she died, Arissa told Riordan that she had seen the impending doom and she entrusted him with her robe. With the robe, Arissa hoped that Riordan would continue her work throughout Erius. She wove the robe with the very magic of The Veil and for those that wear it, it provides access to knowledge and healing magic. Riordan based the priestly robes on Arissa’s robe and to this day all priests wear a simplified version. Only the hight priest can wear the true robe.

Riordan devoted most of his life to scribing the teachings of Arissa and the recordings made by her disciples. This book is known as the Amuran which is the Elvish word for Salvation. As well as being a book which many seek guidance from, this book is one of the most accurate historical records since the Elves arrived on Erius.

All priests who join the Church must make the journey to Thaldur to pay homage to the formal resting place of Arissa. Thaldur has become a pilgrimage site for many religious folk.

The Church of Arissa

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