Frenis Ulhelm vo Tomsdale

Kurt's older half-brother


Frenis was seven years old when he found out that his brother and sister were really his half siblings and the woman he thought of as his mother was the second wife of the Earl of Tomsdale. The news did not sit well with him. His birth mother had been discovered participating in dark rituals with a local coven of witches and warlocks. The Earl had shed tears as he gave the order to summon representatives of The Chantry. The investigation took six weeks, and saw twelve villagers and the Earlessa executed at its end. They were buried three miles outside the town and the ground was salted to keep their evil from spreading through the ground. The Chantry came on the evening of his thirteenth birthday to take him away for testing. For two days the Earl paced, fearful of what might come. Then they returned and told him that they had found no taint of dark magic on the boy’s soul.

In time, the boy grew into a man. While able to play the dutiful son when the situation required it, he gained a reputation around the village as a mean drunk who couldn’t keep his hands to himself and who was endowed with an over-large sense of entitlement. One more than one occasion, his younger brother found himself sneaking a semi-camatose drunk home without their father finding out.

Frenis Ulhelm vo Tomsdale

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