Earl Dorgon Ulhelm vo Tomsdale

Ruler of Tomsdale


A stern, but well-liked man; Earl Tomsdale has a well deserved reputation for fairness and caring about the lands and people in his charge.

His first marriage ended in disaster. It had been an arranged marriage, and he did not particularly care for Janette, although he grew to love her as time passed. After she bore him a son it was discovered that she was a witch and she was executed shortly after.

Free of her spells, Dorgon found a wife he could truly love. Elenia was a deeply religious woman who gave him two children, whom they both loved dearly.

In his youth he was known for his looks, and was quite the ladies man. This changed when he fell victim to the Blue Pestilence in 1243, he survived the disease, but was severely disfigured by it. Today he is called ‘dignified’ rather than ‘handsome’. Elenia was less fortunate, and passed away from the disease, Dorgon never truly recovered from her loss and has had an air of melancholy about him since he left his grief behind.

Earl Dorgon Ulhelm vo Tomsdale

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