Artimis Duskblade

Tomsdale's premier ex-mercenary turned blacksmith


Once a member of the Banded Wing mercenary company, Artimis is now runs the largest blacksmith in Tomsdale. While edging into the part of life where he might be described as ‘ageing’, Artimis is extremely fit, does a lion’s share of the work in the forge and brooks no nonsense from his staff.

A life long bachelor, he harbours a secret love for Mistress Culver, but has never plucked up the courage to try to woo her.

In his youth, he was part of the expedition that discovered the (formally) Lost Tomb of Saint Majora. He, and the other members of the Banded Wing who were with him, were briefly famous, and have their names inscribed in the Temple of Arissa in Dawnhaven in recognition of their efforts in rediscovering the holy site and returning it’s artefacts to the Church.

Artimis Duskblade

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